Nyangu is a main character in The Amber House Trilogy.  A slave belonging to Sarah's slave-trading ancestor Captain Joseph Foster, Nyangu is able to communicate with protagonist Sarah Parsons using her precognitive ability.


Nyangu is depicted as having a close relationship with Deirdre Foster, whom she cares for during Deirdre's coma at the end of the book.  Nyangu was also the caretaker of Deirdre's children with Captain Foster, Matthew and Sarah-Louise.

Nyangu tells Sarah that Sarah and Jackson are related "about a hundred times removed."  Sarah later learns that they are related through Nyangu, who was raped by Captain Foster and bore his child.


Nyangu appears to Sarah at multiple stages in her life, first as an elderly woman, and later as a young woman whom Sarah describes as being attractive.

Character traits and abilitiesEdit

Nyangu is precognitive, and through her so is everyone in her family line, including Jackson.

When Sarah encounters Nyangu, the old woman is at peace with the horrible things that have happened in her life.  She alludes to ways in which the wrongs can be righted, which perhaps implies that she has foreseen different timelines, just as Jackson has.


  • The green stone that Sarah uses to trigger visions of Nyangu is verdite, a stone that can only be found in specific parts of Africa.